What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting . What is it exactly? What are the advantages and what is different from ‘normal’ hosting? And are there any drawbacks? The principle of Managed WordPress hosting is that you can fully focus on your WordPress website / webshop (and business) and you do not have to worry about the technical matters / work behind your WordPress website / webshop. WordPress Managed Hosting is Speed, Convenience, Security and Premium Service & Support.

In addition to developing websites, webshops and web applications, MalshiSEO offers the possibility to host your website / webshop / web application (exclusively for its customers) on one of the many powerful web servers that are managed by experienced network administrators. But what is Hosting? Simply put, web hosting is renting web space on a web server that contains the files that make up your website or webshop. A web server is a computer that is connected to the internet 24/7 and is located in a data center that is specially set up for this. The web server makes it possible for visitors to view your website / webshop.

What is ‘regular’ WordPress Hosting’?

What is ‘regular’ WordPress Hosting? For most websites and webshops with a few ten to hundreds of visitors per day, this is a so-called Shared WordPress Hosting. Shared WordPress Hosting means that your website, webshop or web application runs on a web server with other websites and webshops of other customers. Literally said; you share the hosting/web server. Incidentally, our Shared WordPress Hosting web servers are also ‘Managed’, but in the sense that we – the hosting provider – only update the web server and do not maintain your WordPress website or webshop.

But what is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting providers generally distinguish themselves in four parts compared to general (WordPress) Hosting: Speed, Convenience, Security and Service & Support . In order to continuously improve / optimize these four components, in addition to work on the web server, measures must (often) be taken in and around WordPress itself. In short: we take the technical part of your website, webshop or web application off your hands.

fast website/webshop leads to a higher conversion (desired action) and higher positions in the search results of search engines such as Google . We as Managed WordPress Hosting provider uses various techniques and software to get your website, webshop and/or web application faster. Usually one or more forms of so-called caching are available. Caching is basically the faster display of (web) documents, such as web pages, images and other types of web multimedia, to reduce server delay and quickly show your website/webshop to your visitors. In addition, it is usually the case that with Managed WordPress Hosting you have more resources (memory, CPU, cores) available for your website/webshop. For optimum speed, we work with special software on the websites/web shops/web applications and on our web servers.

Maintaining a website, webshop and/or web application takes time and requires precision and planning. Maintaining – and thus keeping WordPress and plugins up-to-date – is important to guarantee optimal speed and security of your website / webshop . By purchasing Managed WordPress Hosting you make it easier for yourself. Activities such as automatic and/or periodic updates, (daily – up to several times a day) backups, and security are taken care of by us through Managed WordPress Hosting.

Perhaps the most important security factor for WordPress is keeping WordPress, plugins (features) and themes up to date. Think of a strong password policy, an SSL security certificate / padlock in the address bar and updates. Several times a week, updates are performed automatically – and partly manually – to our customers’ websites, web shops and web applications, as well as to our web servers. In addition, our systems automatically scan for so-called malware, infections and viruses in order to be able to intervene at an early stage. For optimal security , we work with special software on the websites / web shops / web applications and on our web servers, which are managed by experienced network administrators

Service / Support
Because we as a Managed WordPress Hosting Provider only host WordPress websites, webshops and web applications, we are able to help you on all fronts. We call that Premium Support ; both technically and substantively.You can also leave the installation, configuration and integration of a new plug-in (functionality) and theme to us. We are happy to explain how the plugin / theme works and make the necessary adjustments to your website / plugin / theme where necessary to make it match your corporate identity. WordPress offers thousands of plugins. We are happy to advise which plug-in meets your wishes and expectations. We know which plugins have a bad influence on performance or which are very useful for your website / webshop. In addition, you can use some so-called WordPress Premium Plug-ins (paid plugins) for which we have a license. On average, with our Managed Hosting subscriptions you get more than 500 euros worth of WordPress Premium Plug-ins.

The principle of Managed WordPress hosting is that you can fully focus on your WordPress website / webshop (and business) and you do not have to worry about the technical matters / work behind your WordPress website / webshop. WordPress Managed Hosting: Speed, Convenience, Security and Premium Service & Support.

Are there any drawbacks to WordPress Managed Hosting?

The above are some advantages of Managed WordPress Hosting, but are there also disadvantages? And can they really be called disadvantages?

You give away all control
Since we take care of all technical matters, you have little or no influence on this yourself. This is of course the intention since it is “Managed”, but if you like to be involved with the technical side yourself, this may not be useful. A lot is possible in consultation (who does what) when we make clear agreements about this.

Limited to WordPress
The web servers where your website / webshop is located is completely set up for WordPress. No other websites, webshops and web applications are run on it than WordPress. If you want to run a different kind of website, webshop or web applications, the web server is not set up for this. This does not have to be a problem, in consultation and cooperation with our partners a lot is possible.

Not all plugins/themes are allowed.
As a Managed WordPress Hosting Provider, we don’t allow all WordPress plugins/themes. The reason for this is that certain WordPress plugins / themes strongly influence the performance of your website / webshop. Even that of the entire web server. This shouldn’t be much of a problem unless you really want to use a plugin/theme that is ‘blocked’. Then we will be happy to advise you and help you further. Or we program the desired functionality entirely for you.

It costs more money
Managed WordPress Hosting costs more than ‘normal’ shared Hosting. Due to the above advantages – work – you probably understand why the price is more expensive.

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed WordPress hosting has many advantages and a lot of (added) value to offer. However, it is not a hosting package that is necessary for everyone. If you just want to make a (travel) blog, you don’t need Managed WordPress hosting immediately. Normal WordPress hosting is a lot cheaper and also works fine. However, you are responsible for security, speed, updates and all other technical matters. Do you have a company or do you have a website / webshop with many visitors every day and your website / webshop is an important source of income for you, then definitely choose Managed WordPress Hosting. Even if you have no technical knowledge, it can become a problem if your website / webshop is growing. Eventually you will grow out of your ‘normal’ hosting package. You can hire someone who will arrange everything for you or you can opt for Managed WordPress Hosting.

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