Send your customers directly to Google Reviews

A large majority of consumers indicate that they check the reviews of a company via Google Reviews and decide whether or not to make a purchase / become a customer on that basis. It is therefore important to collect positive reviews via Google because these are displayed in your Google My Business (Google Search and Google Maps).

What is Google My Business and what are Google Reviews?

Research shows that the majority of respondents read the online reviews of companies and really trust these online reviews. Positive reviews can therefore make the difference whether a new customer chooses you or the competitor. An online review has the same effect as word of mouth.

It is important for every company to be optimally visible online. Furthermore, it is important for every company to collect positive reviews/recommendations. Both help you to acquire new customers. Your ‘Google My Business’ profile plays an important role in this. How do you get those reviews on Google? And what is Google My Business?

Google My Business increases customer engagement on Google! Google My Business is a free service from Google that allows you to influence the online visibility of your business within Google Search (Google Search) and Google Maps. A big advantage of a good and complete company profile on Google My Business is that you are better and easier to reach for your customers. To find, for example, your telephone number and/or opening hours, customers do not have to visit your website or webshop first and search. This (company) data is immediately visible in the search results. The reviews of your company are also visible in this ‘Google My Business’ display in the form of a number of stars and a score. By clicking on this one can read the Google Reviews of your company. The more positive/highly rated Google Reviews, the better your business ranks in local search results!

Send visitors directly to Google Reviews

The number of Google Reviews and the score are included in the ranking of local search results. The more positive/highly rated Google Reviews, the better a company’s position is in local search results. It is only difficult to send a customer here because it takes several steps to post a Google Review. However, you can generate a link with which you can immediately let visitors write a Google Review.

Actively request a Google Review

Use Google Reviews and ask your customers to post a positive message about your product/service. With such a link as above you can invite your customers to write a Google Review. Make it part of your work. For example, three or four days after delivering the product or service.

Dear Alexander,

Last Tuesday you followed the 1-day Content Marketing training with us. We hope you can continue with the tips and techniques we’ve given you. If you have any questions, if you are unable to find a solution or if you want us to think along with you about a certain subject, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you!

Would you like to write a review for us? This can be done by posting a review on our Google business listing through Google Reviews. You can place a review with this link and it will take you no more than two to three minutes. Don’t feel obligated.. but we would really appreciate it!

We notice that reviews with text are posted faster and more often than reviews with only a number of stars. This often has to do with the filters that Google uses to prevent fraud. Google does everything it can to keep the quality and reliability of the reviews as high as possible. Do you also write a (short) text? Thank you very much.

Have a nice day and have a good weekend.

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