Convert your personal Facebook profile to a business Facebook page

It is possible that you use a personal Facebook profile for your business. However, this is against Facebook’s rules. Facebook may even decide to delete your personal Facebook profile if it is discovered to be used for commercial purposes. So always choose a (business) Facebook page if you become/are active on Facebook with your company.

For those who haven’t, there’s good news. You can easily copy/convert your personal Facebook profile to a (business) Facebook page, so that all your friends become your (business) fans.

Some advantages of a business Facebook company page compared to a personal Facebook profile

  • A Facebook page has a professional business look
  • You can receive customer reviews/recommendations
  • You can use paid ads to reach your target audience
  • A Facebook page is accessible to everyone, even if they are not yet a fan
  • With a company profile, data such as address, opening hours, mission and location are visible
  • The updates/messages are posted on behalf of the company and not on behalf of one/one person
  • Updates/messages can be scheduled and published automatically
  • You have the option to create events, offers, products and notes, among other things
  • Option for a welcome message where you can invite visitors to like your Facebook page
  • And many more (business) opportunities to promote (brand awareness) of your company…..

How do you change a personal Facebook profile to Facebook page?

When you convert your personal Facebook profile into a Facebook page, a new Facebook page is created based on your personal Facebook profile. PAY ATTENTION! You can only convert your personal Facebook profile into a Facebook page once.

To convert your personal account into a Facebook page:

Log in with your personal Facebook profile, go to click on “Get Started ” and follow the instructions on the screen.

PLEASE NOTE: Think carefully about the company name that you enter for your business Facebook page, it will be visible on the page and can no longer be changed if your Facebook page has more than 200 like(r)s / fans !

Convert your personal Facebook profile to a (business) Facebook page:

  • After conversion, you have a personal Facebook profile and a Facebook page
  • Your profile picture and cover photo will be transferred to the Facebook page
  • All your friends and followers will be converted into people who like your Facebook page

Be patient… when you have converted your personal Facebook profile to a (business) Facebook page, it can take a while before all your friends are converted to like(r)s/fans.

Good luck!

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