Attention! Google is Saying Goodbye to GA3
As Google is turning down Universal Analytics (GA3), starting July 1, 2023, the Universal Analytics properties will stop processing new data. In response to this, Google has introduced Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and recommends all users migrate to the newer version.
Google Analytics 4
At MalshiSEO, we offer expert GA4 migration services to help you make the move from GA3 to GA4 with ease. Our team of dedicated migration experts will work with you to ensure a seamless transition so you can continue tracking key data and measuring your success with Google Analytics.
Step into the Future with Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of Google Analytics that’s offering new features and capabilities to help you measure your success more effectively than ever before. GA4 offers improved data collection, new ways to measure conversion, and expanded reporting capabilities that will give you a more complete picture of your website’s performance.

Understand Your Customers Across Key Points

With our GA4 setup services, you’ll be able to create custom reports and dashboards that give you insights into every stage of the customer journey, extending from the initial visit to the final conversion. This means you’ll have access to a wealth of data that’ll help you better understand your customers and make more informed decisions about your marketing efforts.

Google Analytics 4 represents Google’s vision for the future of tracking. Instead of basing analytics around pageviews, this is now replaced with an event-based model which better represents the browsing behavior of modern websites.

In addition, Google Analytics puts machine learning at the core of the platform allowing for a better understanding of customer behavior as well as in-built predictive analytics functions that help you to understand how to optimize your digital strategies.

The biggest advantage of Google Analytics 4 is the ability to own the raw data which can be stored in Big Query.

It also has machine learning at its core which means its better placed to understand and advise on the potential of your audiences.

We advise clients to get a functioning GA4 setup live as soon as possible.

The free version of Universal Analytics will stop collecting new hits in July 2023.

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Choose Your Best Plan

We enjoy adapting our strategies to offer every client the best solutions that are at the forefront of the industry.

Set Up a Google Analytics 4 Property
The first step when you migrate to GA4 is adding the tracking code on your website. Our team of experts can help you configure and set up GA4 so you can continue tracking your data accurately and effectively.

Create Custom Audiences

One of the great features of Google Analytics 4 is the ability it provides to create custom audiences. With this feature, you can segment your data to create more targeted marketing campaigns and get better results with the help of our experts.

Monitor eCommerce Via Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager allows you to monitor your eCommerce data and makes it easy to deploy GA4 tracking code. Our team can help you set up Google Tag Manager so you can easily monitor the behavior of your customers and take advantage of enhanced Google Analytics 4 eCommerce tracking.

Migrate GA3 to GA4

If you’re still using GA3, you're going to miss out on valuable user data if you don’t start planning your GA4 setup now. Let our team of migration experts help you with the GA4 migration process so you can take advantage of an abundance of new features and enhanced data tracking functionality.
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